Established in 1980 as Tankson's Martial Arts, TAC Karate is one of the oldest Martial Arts schools in the Chicagoland area. Under the leadership of Hanshi Dr. Larry C. Tankson, the school has provided quality instruction for over 35 years. 


Our Founder


Dr. Larry C. Tankson

Dr. Larry C. Tankson is the founder, owner, and Chief Instructor of TAC Karate & Fitness

Born in Chicago, Illinois on October 12, Dr. Tankson began his martial arts training at the Dravidian School of Self-Defense and Karate under the instruction of Sensei Russ Meeks.

Since then he has practiced martial arts for over 46 years and studied several different styles, including Shorin-Ryu, Shorei-Goju-Ryu, tae Kwon Do, Jui-Jitsu (Japanese), and kickboxing. He also has appeared as a stunt performer in movies such as The Batman Begins, 8 Mile, and Ali.

He currently holds a 9th degree in Shorin-Ryu, and a 6th degree in Tae Kwon Do, and received a Doctorate Degree from the AKA college of Yudansha in the oriental discipline of Zen Chuan.




Shorin-ryu is one of the major modernOkinawan martial arts. Said to have been founded by Sokon Matsumura during the 1800s, Shorin-ryu combines elements of the traditional Okinawa fighting styles Shuri-te and Tomari-te. Shorin-ryu is widely considered to be one of the two major modern styles of Okinawa karate, along with Goju-ryu, which is rooted in the other traditional Okinawa style, Nahate.

Sokon Matsumura was renowned warrior of his time; he has been called the Minamoto Mussashi of Okinawa. However, while he is often referred to as the "founder" of Shorin-ryu, he did not invent all the components the style, and perhaps didn't ever call it "Shorin-ryu" himself. It is quite possible that he synthesized his knowledge of Okinawa arts with Chinese fighting styles that he learned on his travels and taught it as a coherent system to some eager students, who subsequently refined it, labeled it, and passed it on.