Hanshi Larry C. Tankson

Dr. Larry C. Tankson is the founder, owner, and Chief Instructor of TAC Karate.  

Born in Chicago, Illinois on October 12, 1955, Dr. Tankson began his martial arts training  at the Dravidian School of Self-Defense and Karate under the instruction of Sensei Russ Meeks. 

Since then he has practiced martial arts for over 35 years and studied several different styles, including Shorin-Ryu, Shorei-Ryu (Shuri-Ryu), Tae Kwon Do, Jui-Jitsu (Japanese and Brazilian), and kickboxing.

He currently holds an 9th degree in Shorin-Ryu, and a 6th Degree in Tae Kwon Do, and received a Doctorate Degree from the AKA college of Yudansha in the oriental discipline of Zen Chuan. 

Major Accomplishments  

* Thirteen time NBL World Champion

* Eight time Midwest Circuit Champion

* Rated #1 Fighter in the US & Canada

Promoted to 9th Dan

Promoted to 8th Dan

Promoted to 7th Dan

Promoted to 6th Dan

Promoted to 5th Dan

1st - Black Belt Hard Traditional Forms
35+ (2003 Ultimate Karate Challenge)

1st - Black Belt Point Sparring 42+
(2003 Ultimate Karate Challenge)

Grand Champion Black Belt Sparring 35+
(2003 Ultimate Karate Challenge)

1st - Black Belt Point Sparring 45+ M Light (2003 AKA Grand Nationals)

1st - Black Belt Point Sparring 35+ M Middle (2003 AKA Grand Nationals)

1st - Black Belt Point Sparring 35+ M All
(2003 Kumite Classic)

1st - Black Belt Point Sparring 42+ M All
(2003 Kumite Classic)

1st - Black Belt Point Sparring 45+ M Light (2003 Tornado Internationals)

1st - Black Belt Point Sparring 35+ M Middle (2003 Tornado Internationals)

Grand Champion Black Belt Sparring 35+ M (2003 Tornado Internationals)

(1999 - 2001)
Inducted into "International Pro-Am All Styles Martial Arts Hall of Fame."

Inducted into the "Martial Arts Hall of Fame."

TAC Karate school placed 14th in the "Top 25 Schools in the World !"

2000 - NBL World Title in the Senior Men Lightweight

Received the Bronze Medal from the World Karate Association's World Championships in Vienna!!

2001 - NBL Senior 45 and over Lightweight Point Sparring Champion

(1990 - 1998)
Received fourth gold & diamond Midwest Circuit Ring for outstanding achievement.

Reigned supreme as the Midwest Circuit Black Belt Champion.

Two-time winner of " AKA Warrior Cup ."

Received " Most Prestigious " Award & "Medal of Honor" Award .

1st Black Belt Executive to win National Black Belt League & World Light Middle-Weight Title.

NBL World Title "Men's Light Middleweight Point Sparring" 

NBL World Title "Men's Team Sparring."

Inducted into "Tornado International Hall of Fame" & "American Karate Association Warrior Cup Hall of Fame."

Winner of all Three World Titles and Set World Record as the only person to win world titles in all age groups!

In addition to his Martial Arts resume, you can view his filmography HERE!. 

Received Shodan from Hanshi Tankson


Curtis Thomas

John Murray

Anthony Coleman

Jaami Dawan

Ed Perry

Angel Tankson

Colvon Collins

Australia Waterford

Mark Murphy

Andrey Lofton*

Beatrice Allen

Cynthia Thompson

Keith Flournoy

Michael Williams

Sherri Tankson**

Jason Tankson*

Greg McCarthy

Joseph Williams**

Bill Cochran*

James Washington

Richard Willis

Charles O'Dell

Kenneth Kates Sr.*

Michael Thomas

Kris Haines*

James Floyd**

Dallas Crawford

Terry Lewis

Richard Muhammad**

Davie Anderson

Greg Crump

Marcus Jones

Mike Moy

Adewale Langston*

R. Bryan Watson**

Kevin Squires**

Marvin Weathersby*

Mike Reid

Patty Bradley*

Isaiah Miller

Eugene Anthony

Hiram Harris

Tina Taylor

Ricky Colquitt

LaRoyce Tankson**

Dejuan Brown**

Larry C. Tankson Jr.**

Damion Claybrook**

Robell McMiller II**

Khalil Muhammad**

Jake McInnis**

Jabari Ture Brooks**

Shahveev E. Stokes

Larry Donald

David Walker

Miles Hallas


Received Advanced Dan from Hanshi Tankson

Eric Clayton*

Charles Barron* 

Gene Lofton

Paul "Deno" Thomas (Rest In Peace)

David Epps

Tom Sexton

Michael Jackson**


* Instruct independent Martial Arts classes

** Active instructors at TAC Karate

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